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    December 29, 2022 2 min read

    Grandmas can do some pretty amazing things. That's not too surprising, though, considering that they're mothers super-sized into grandmothers. Their super powers are practically a given.

    Grandma and children

    There are, though, a few things grandmas can'tdo. At least 12, in fact.


    Grandmas cannot send letters, cards, and boxes through the mail to grandkiddos without first plastering stickers all over the package.


    Grandmas cannot avoid the words "precious" and "adorable" when conversing with other grandmothers.


    Grandmas cannot keep their arms at their sides and out of "hug" position when greeting grandkiddos at the door. They're especially inept at this at the airport.


    Grandmas cannot stop pinning ideas for fun and food for grandchildren. At least not those grandmas on Pinterest, anyway.


    Grandmas cannot help but feel their hearts crack a bit when hearing of other grandmas who aren't allowed to see their grandchildren.


    Grandmas cannot abide an empty cookie jar. If not for the sake of the grandkiddos, then for the sake of the grandpas.


    Grandmas cannot pass the baby department in any retail store without taking a peek at an item. Or two. Or 10.


    Grandmas cannot throw away greeting cards and letters from grandchildren.


    Grandmas cannot throw away a child's artwork, either. 


    Grandmas cannot turn down an offer of a cup of imaginary tea or a piece of plastic pizza. At least not when it's offered by a child.


    Grandmas cannot turn down a request for sponsoring a grandchild in a walkathon or purchasing gift wrap or cookies for a child's fundraiser, either.


    Grandmas cannot hug grandchildren hard enough, long enough, or often enough to keep her heart from missing them when they're far away.