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Electric Elf Butterfly Wings with Musical Lights

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Celebs Love EnchantWings Too....

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Makes a great gift at every occasion.

Every girl harbors a cherished reverie of fairies, and by adorning these resplendent wings in motion, their dreams shall be brought to life!
Propelled by delicate mechanisms, these ethereal wings of enchantment possess the ability to gracefully flutter and glide, mirroring the flight of actual butterfly wings.

  • Possessing this radiant pair of butterfly wings, you shall metamorphose into a whimsical sprite within the darkened expanse of night!
  • As you prepare these wings for your child, her eyes will surely sparkle with delight. She will adore them and might eagerly don them to showcase their splendor to others. In the midst of a crowd, she will radiate as the most dazzling focal point, capturing everyone's attention. 

Colourful Wings 

  • The DIY wings can reflect different shiny color in the sun.
  • From various angles, the colors shift and dance, conjuring a mesmerizing spectacle.
  • At times, they shimmer in shades of pink, then cascade into hues of blue, green, and even orange, evoking an enchanting display.
  • They dance with your every movement, kissed by the gentle caress of sunlight, revealing a myriad of ever-changing colors, leaving behind timeless and exquisite memories for every special occasion.



Adjustable size

Shoulder strap length: 34‘’ - 60‘’

Adults and children can also wear it

You can adjust the shoulder straps according to your shoulder width.


Battery Powered

Butterfly wings require 4*AA batteries.

Please note: Batteries are NOT included in the package.



Fashionable Design

These magnificent butterfly wings are meticulously handcrafted from resilient PVC and plastic, boasting a surface that is flawlessly smooth and lustrous.


Can pets of all sizes wear the butterfly wings?


The wings are designed to fit a range of pet sizes, from small to medium pets. However, for larger pets, it might be a snug fit. It's always a good idea to measure your pet and check against the wings' dimensions to ensure a comfortable fit.

Are the wings durable enough for active play and dancing?


Yes! The Mudroo Butterfly Wings are made from high-quality, transparent artificial cicada wings material, which is lightweight yet durable. Plus, the sturdy underwire construction ensures that the wings can bend without breaking.

What type of batteries does the LED Motorized Model require?


The LED Motorized Model requires four AA batteries, which need to be purchased separately.

Can the wings be used without the music playing?


Absolutely! The wings have a feather music switch that allows users to choose between dancing with music, dancing without music, or turning off the wings altogether.

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